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How do I register for a tournament?
Once you are a member of DMTTOUR you can register for tournaments. To register just go to the forum site at Tournaments registration. Once there just post your username on the tournament registration forum.

I'm in the quarter final of tournament A, but tomorrow tournament B will start and I registered for that tournament as well. Do I have to withdraw from one of the tournaments?
No. You can be in 2 tournaments of the same format at the same time, as long as they didn't start on the same date.

How do I know who my opponent is?

After the draw has been made it will be published on the Draws Page. In the draw you can see who your opponent is. To contact him look for this person on the members page and send him a Private Message and/or e-mail.

How do I contact my opponent to play the match?
There are several ways to contact your opponent.You use the Private Message option, since it's the most convenient and effective way.
You can also send your opponent an e-mail.
Then there's the option to post a message on the tournament forum. Please note though that when you do this it's very likely your opponent doesn't check the forum so we recommend you to use one of the other options to contact your opponent.
If your opponent does not respond to one of these methods please be sure to try all available options to try and arrange your match.

My opponent doesn't respond to my contact messages! What should I do?
If your opponent doesn't respond to your message, try to contact him again (be sure to use all available methods of contact like e-mail) and write on tournament forum about the situation. If he doesn't respond until the deadline you will get a walkover (which means you will go through to the next round without playing).

My opponent isn't available to play our match before the deadline. Can we play a day after the deadline?
No! The rules are the rules. We can not let players play a day after the deadline because this holds up the progress of the tournament and is unfair on the next round opponent as it means they have less time to play the next round match. Please make sure you are available to play your matches throughout the tournament before you register for one!

Can I switch players during a tournament or a season?
Yes. You can use as many of your created players as you want during a tournament or during the ITST season. It is completely your choice. You cannot however, change players during a match if your game crashes & you agree to restart it from the score.

I got disconnected in the middle of a match! What happens now?
You should just continue the game. For example, if you were disconnected on 6-3 4-2 30-15, you just pick the game up again from that score. You can do this simply by allowing each other to hit aces until the same scoreline is reached. This is more easily achieved & agreed if you communicate with your opponent via the headset.

My match loaded up and right from the start there was horrible lag. What should I do?
If the lag is terrible right from the start just try playing for a while. If it doesn't get better and the game really isn't playable then talk to your opponent about the situation. When you decide to quit make sure you contact your opponent afterwards. Try to let the other player host in your next attempt to play. If the lag still occurs try playing another time. If the problem still exists, write the situation on the tournament forum.

Is it allowed to return a serve with a dropshot / lob?
Yes, this is allowed. Although many players find this style of play 'unreal' and 'cheesy'. Still, you can hit as many of them as you like!

Me and my opponent can’t connect to each other! Now what?
First of all try to let the other person host. If that doesn’t work try again at another time. If after several tries you still can’t connect to each other then the only option the tournament admin has is to perform a luck draw to decide which one of you goes through to the next round. This will usually only be performed if it is a technical reason that has prevented the match from being played.

I'm already in the second round of tournament X but the first round isn't over yet. Can I already play my second round match?
Yes you can! In fact we encourage you to play as soon as possible, even if this means playing ahead of schedule. The sooner a tournament's finished, the sooner we can have a new and updated ranking which we can use for the seedings of the next tournaments.

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