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General Rules

General Rules

1. Before you can play in one of our tournaments, it is required that you register yourself as a member of the DMTTOUR first. You can only register one account and that is the only account you can play with on the DMTTOUR, unless Management directs otherwise. Then when a tournament opens for registration, you need to register for it seperately. You are not automatically entered for a tournament.

2. The draw for a tournament is normally made on Sunday evening, or maybe earlier when the tournament has been filled completely. When you know who to play against please send a Private Message to your opponent or contact him on tournament forum as soon as possible to arrange a time and date for your match to be played .

3. You're obliged to play on the court that has been dedicated to the tournament. The court specified for each tournament will be listed on the tournament page. Please play your matches on this specific court. If your opponent only wants to play on another court, please notify the Tournament Host. It doesn't matter which player hosts the game. You can decide this with your opponent.

4. If you're playing a match and you have a lot of lag problems, please do not quit the match but play until the end and notify the Tournament Host of your problems after the game.

5. Every tournament round has a deadline. This means that on the day of the deadline, it is the last day to get your match played in that specific round. If you do not play by the deadline you will most likely be put out of the tournament, unless you didn't get a response from your opponent. Then you'll most likely be handed a Walkover by the Tournament Host. Deadlines are deadlines and they are there for a reason, be sure you stick to them. If your opponent has not shown up on the time you both agreed to, please inform the Tournament Host. They will decide on the appropriate course of action.

6. The winner has to post the match score to the tournament forum. This is done by going to the tournament forum page and posting the results there. Please don't post in fake results as we will ban you from the Tour if we find out about it.

7. Tournaments will be played by the best of 3 sets principle, with each set made up of 6 games. The exceptions are the Grand Slam tournaments, which will be best of 5 sets throughout the tournament.

8. When 2 tournaments of the same Tour start on the same date, you can only register for one of them! When another tournament starts for example a week after tournament 1, you are allowed to play in both tournaments.

9. Please do not register for a tournament if you aren't available for play during a specific round. If you do not play your match, you will get no points whatsoever from that tournament. It doesn’t matter what round you were in!

10. You are NOT allowed to have more than one account with DMTTOUR. If you attempt to play the tour with more than one account, you will be banned from the site.

11. If you encounter someone who breaks one of the rules stated above please do not quit the match immediatly.Some cheesy shots can be played by your opponent by accident. If your opponent keeps breaking the rule please quit the match and contact your opponent about it directly. Try to start the match again from the point where your opponent did a wrong shot. If your opponent does not quit with breaking the rules you can quit the match and contact the host about it. He will make a decision about the match then.

12. Please do not submit a result of an unfinished match. If your opponent left in the middle of the match or your opponent does not stop breaking the rules you still need to contact the host of the tournament. He will then make a decision about the match.

13. If you have any questions about any of the rules, please feel free to post them on our forum.

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