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Forum » Miscellaneous » Dream Match Tennis General » Barca`s cheat blog (Topic to discuss about cheats/hints in DMT)
Barca`s cheat blog
KunitsynDate: Thursday, 2013-03-07, 5:44 PM | Message # 1
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Bad in this situation is that Bimboosoft is not doing anything for 1,5 month after my messages. Only phrase - we will investigate the problem. Your Hirofumi. I hope that this topic will force them to release new 2.35 version.

Possibilities of Artmoney ( as game trainer and cracker in dmt v.2.34- tested and works on Windows XP, for Seven u need to make own trainer everytime before start:

1.How to play with any character (including 2 hidden) in demo version online:
Download and install Artmoney
Download and unpack my file (artmoney table/game trainer)
Run the game, press alt+tab
Run this dowloaded file directly or after pressing load in Artmoney itself
Select a process to crack if needed - Dream match tennis
In program press Options and set freeze time to 10 ms
Choose character number 0-14, freeze this number (click right mouse button for menu, X should appear after pressing)
Now in game u can create a game or join and instead of mason u will play for any other character
Login as GUEST in game

In match u can turn off artmoney if lags

If you want to play demo version for training with bot u can freeze match time to overcome trial time restriction.

2. How to change your unique name to any other
Run the game, in game lobby press alt+tab
In artmoney press search
In menu: 1-search -select exact value
2-value -write your unique name
4 and 5 - range - all
6 ok
Press green button -add all
Change to any like with the same count of letters (use edit - memory editor - if want another count of letters)

3. Test cheat for accurate shots and catching many big serves and shots
Freeze value 0 or 1 (or 255 ask Barca himself) in my artmoney table (where address 0087702A). My observation - 0-often lines, easy serve no? 1-Difficult to serve, catching everything bot plays like barca lol) Check various freeze time in ArtMoney options if lags.

Test game effect after deleting of options.bin file and leaving empty replay and actions buttons in game controls (or only replay for comon screamers). Camera will be normal after second start of game.  Low slices, catching more balls, no?

Test Jitbit Macro Recorder ( to serve automatic serves, all u need just to record any your fast serve in line and bind any hotkey to repeat it automatically in game any time when needed (many hotkeys for diffirent serves).

Bug of game - 60 fps on Windows XP and 63-64 on Windows 7. It means that on XP there is advantage - easier to react on shots than on 7. Tested by fraps.  Hardware test (button in game) can say about it a lot also - 199-200 fps 59 time on xp ; 192 fps 59 time on seven.
It can give teleports when two players with diffirent fps, no?
Sorry for bad english. Feel free to post your cheat observations, this topic will not be deleted i hope...

Added (2013-03-07, 5:44 PM)
Why Barca is unbeatable on hard? Almost unbeatable on other surfaces especially in big tournaments? Cheat? I think so...
1. Difficult to serve fast in lines only against him (without cheats) - many serves 1 mm out from lines... Almost in every big matches (best example US OPEN).
2. Strange very low slices. Always. Impossible to hit with shs.
3. Catching all serves, like it is very easy for him. No stress at all, no fatigue, no losing focus whole match. Only in lines (more than 190km hard serves or 170 with very big spin) are uncatchable.
4. Strange his serve sometimes. Abrupt, fast, with delay, difficult to react. Unnacurate though, but why this bug appears anyway? When it starts, u can wait teleports and other bugs in a match with him.
5. 0-10 unforced errors from him, 40-50 from you in a match (easy unusual mistakes from you). Including double faults.
6. He lost ability to create in may 2012 approximately, then he started to play without errors and comon screaming. Before he was beatable with appropriate statistic. But he was mason after ITST RG until US OPEN (Demo character, Ford much better to his pushing tactic with cheats). Often lag when he creates. But np in past, how? Not easy match when he creates. No 6-0 records.
7. He plays all tournaments. Easy for him to play so many matches. Even best pusher(especially) need a rest, there is something more. Without losing focus. He can play every match 2h+ without mistakes. It needs much training everyday in my opinion. Very much. But cheat helps him to play long without training. Just came home and play.
8. Teleports, when u hit amazing uncatchable counters in lines during a match, he starts teleporting  at end of match, or in decisive moments. Because he need to catch all shots. Why this bug/lag suddenly appears?
9. Recording of matches(US OPEN final). Using FRAPS. Thanks to Elshad for the information.
10. Insulting in cheating in msn during whole his career not only official i mean. Is he know something about?

I recomend to oblige tossing the ball and using replays during whole match. To prove that these buttons are active. He should create all his matches. Waiting 2.35...

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R_NadalDate: Sunday, 2013-05-26, 11:15 PM | Message # 2
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I know from my friend about well-known run fast cheat in Artmoney - address 00890AEB, value 65 should be changed and frozen to 0.
Freeze time - 50ms.

Should i use it in friendlies? In tour? Is that allowed? Thx 


Added (2013-05-26, 11:15 PM)
0089ABFB - speed of game, type 2 smile (freeze value 65 in my opinion)

008C1C23 - quality of play by player 1-who hosts (freeze 63 probably) More wider shots.
008C202B - same player 2

008C4A66 - effect of catching/rimming/mishit by racket and effect after it (0 - fast fresh run without mishits, 1- mishit like good netplay, 2- full mishit and slow running on next shot). I think thats why somebody cannot play at net, this cheat allows to run fast without mishits, but not to catch many balls at net if freeze to 0. Probably Barca`s cheat, because he cant play at net (with mishits especially).  Can bind just one button like shs to 0. It will be enough to catch many balls and play good at net sometimes by other shots.
008C4F6E - same player 2

everything integer 1 byte, freeze time can be 50-300 ms. Test yourself.

ToniDate: Tuesday, 2013-07-16, 2:22 AM | Message # 3
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Quote (R_Nadal)
Should i use it in friendlies? In tour? Is that allowed?
Yes. Now officially.

One interesting moment about well-known cheater Barca: this guy very often asks to RECREATE the match, especially when he did many mistakes in game or before serious match. He can motivate this by many reasons (test warmup, lags, "dont see you", game phrase - waiting for player, losing connection...). After "fast" recreation (without full exit from game to desktop) he can play much better, and you will play very slow in compare with him unlike of match before recreation. He says now it is ok - no lags and so on.  Of course for him, lol! I can only suppose that some conditions can change after recreation, and if you want to play in previous, accustomed for you conditions, not cheated as usually, u need to QUIT the game FULLY - not to stay in lobby or exibitions. Press EXIT.
I am not sure about possibility of his cheat effect to stay in options.bin after exit so only i can advice to have a backup of good copy of this file (you need to have a backup where you feel good conditions after good match for you with anybody etc.).  And/Or better to check in properties of OPTIONS.BIN file - check READ ONLY, because this file can be changed by game. Or third way if you want - press hardware test everytime before any recreation.
Dont  be provocated on his accusations about lags, he just do it in his favour, to play in his cheated conditions with V-SYNC. Lags are only his problem, it will be clearly playable for you. But not for his cheats.
If he ask to recreate - u can use his tactic, even change who should host the match and create a test match, than start again and play. With above-mentioned procedure of course.

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R_NadalDate: Saturday, 2013-10-12, 3:38 PM | Message # 4
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Last post about this.
Finnaly after some matches recently with Barca, (best cheater and lier in tour without any doubt and morale ever! :D) i decided everything to close this topic for anybody who want to play this game, for fair community.
There are so many invisible cheats in game that it makes no sense to play this game in tour especially for me. Barca is 100% cheater, now i am sure, he knows so many cheats, even which not posted here like cheat for surface.(00891C4C, 0-2 hards, 3 - grass, 4 - clay, 5-6 carpets) He knows what is wrong court error and how it works... I recommend to boycott him, any match. He uses best character for cheat, because Ford is all-around player, best skills on grass, look at Bimboosoft guide. His cheat for grass effect/movement give him serious advantages on any surface, except grass itself, because surface effect is equal for both there. These cheats are invisible because he uses v-sync. He knows much more probably, because he has great movement, no wrongfooting or wrong arrows. He moves like with auto first steps to any ball. Plus his super hard shot has effect of normal and hard shot. Never miss. No lag.
So according to this his cheat is like this: Best surface for best player-grass cheat for Ford, vsync on, autoserve, hacking of FA.exe, options.bin for changing shot/moving parameters, all possible cheats which posted here or any others which nobody knows.
This guy dont deserves any respect in tour and game. He knows how to hide any cheat on his video. Because on computer it is possible. Cheater, he will do everything for win.
I hope that this topic will help you to make right choice if you still in game - ignore him and other no morale players.  Better for you. You will never know who is your opponent. But behaviour to opponents says everything.

Added (2013-10-12, 3:38 PM)
008C49EF - PLAYER 1 shot quality (0 - normal 1 - super hard shot effect)
008C4EF7 - PLAYER 2 shot quality

Freeze value 0 to your opponent if you want to have easy shots with normal effect from him, even his service will be easy to catch (almost every his shot u can catch, no lag) . 1 ms freeze time

1 - for super hard shots (seems no sense to use it)

Message edited by R_Nadal - Saturday, 2013-10-12, 3:56 PM
AntoDate: Thursday, 2013-11-14, 10:20 PM | Message # 5
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Is anyone have that DMT234_Artmoney_TABLE.rar written above by kunitsyn, becouse, the link above not valid anymore?
R_NadalDate: Saturday, 2013-11-30, 9:48 PM | Message # 6
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Quote Anto ()
Is anyone have that DMT234_Artmoney_TABLE.rar written above by kunitsyn, becouse, the link above not valid anymore?
I know adresses 00884e94, 00891c54 - player1; 00884ea0, 00891c60 - player2; 008a2910 (float 4 bytes) - match time.

I was banned today from tour
I cant believe it...They cannot be serious!

After such bad behaviour from admins i and my big family decided to reveal my secret cheat with fps of game: go to properties of your display (right mouse button on desktop), choose options - additionally - adapter - list of modes - choose any resolution not with 60 Hz. Better to use 200 Hz. Important moment - your game resolution shoud be the same (change it if different - better before hardware test in game to have permission to play in internet) as new "cheated" display desktop and VSYNC option in game should be ON of course! Game will be very SLOWWWWW.....thanks to igor with his idea with anomal bug different speed of game on Windows xp, 7 and 8. You know, something like 60, 64 and 58 fps accordingly.

P.S. Now i have only one resolution for all tasks -  1024x768, true color (32bit), 200 Hz. And everytime i am sure in myself and result. Join me today! Add me in skype!

Added (2013-11-30, 9:48 PM)
cheat with FPS of game in artmoney

When VSYNC OFF looks like you have better footwork and precision, no visual effect:
00161900 - try for example when vsync off value 4294967295 integer 4bytes
00876f3C - maybe -99999997952 float 4 bytes

It is obviously works with visual effect when VSYNC ON - you can play at any speed you like but can be laggy, try 65 fps.

Message edited by R_Nadal - Thursday, 2013-11-28, 2:35 AM
AntoDate: Sunday, 2013-12-08, 11:31 AM | Message # 7
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I need artmoney table for that kunitsyn wrote, how to play with other charachters in demo version. But i still can't find that table, if u have it please sand it to me, than I can try kunitsyn "1.How to play with any character (including 2 hidden) in demo version online: "
R_NadalDate: Wednesday, 2014-08-06, 8:42 PM | Message # 8
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Quote Anto ()
I need artmoney table for that kunitsyn wrote, how to play with other charachters in demo version. But i still can't find that table, if u have it please sand it to me, than I can try kunitsyn "1.How to play with any character (including 2 hidden) in demo version online: "

Hello. Thank you for the suggestion.

My LAST POST here.

My FINAL try, to find Barca`s cheat which he will never uncover by himself for all players because he is very ugly person, he should be banned for his disrespect behavior. My big hello to CrusherBotBG, he cant see difference:
So this is it, not any programms and hacking - just use double-button shots always with super hard shot. It means that you need add  to any your shot the button of super hard shot after some miliseconds, almost simultaneously. Like this S+Q, A+Q, E+Q (default keys) and others combinations. You will gain some super effects and advantages like speed, accuracy, angle to your slice, normal shots, hard shots... I dont know about triple button pressing, maybe something works. It is 100% proved, because such double pressing affects on artmoney address with cheat of NORMAL/SUPER SHOTS (0 OR 1) - so this cheat will surely help you.  It will take a lot of time to master this technique, but with JOYPAD it will be easier and better because you dont have keyboard restrictions for many buttons pressed. Thats why IT IS STRONGLY RECOMEND TO USE JOYPAD, because if you do not have n-key rollover keyboard - u cant cheat like this with perfection. This is bug of game, hidden possibility which we dont have in any manual,  thanks to Bimboosoft for losing a lot of time searching this gap.

Some new cheats from my sponsors(and of course my big family) for all cheat community and just friends:
1-Numbers of random function in game:
012A1EA4 freeze 255
012A1EA5 freeze 244
012A1EA6 freeze 255
012A1EA7 freeze 255
U will see that insane Roddick bot will serve 250 km. Such bonus appeared almost in everything.

2-Some effect of shots, when player stretching when he want to reach by racket far ball:
008C4A1B - player 1, freeze 64 for you or 63 to your opponent
008C4F23 - player 2

This cheat founded in players parametrs. Other parametres you can find here in range of adresses 008C4E80-008C4F9C (player 1), 008C4988-008C4A94 (player 2). I dont have time to test all of them but you can find something interesting like speed-up for some skills like reaction, accuracy, right footwork...
Test by yourself.

3-Cheat indicator that proves that Bimboosoft support cheats and dont have any intention to delete them:
008B2348 - change value to 1 - This can see even blind

Anto, now this is your topic. I am banned, and finally retired. Good luck.

Added (2014-02-14, 0:38 AM)
My some Anticheat measures: use skype`s screen sharing or video translation services like avermedia
Transfer common file (which can be hacked and cheated) via skype FA.exe and compare by content with original FA.exe downloaded from Bimboosoft site by using for example Total Commander function "file-compare by content".  Do it in live, start that FA.exe from game folder that you provided to your opponent directly with Windows Explorer or file managers...

Added (2014-02-18, 0:10 AM)
2-3 seconds before receive press super hard shot button and move to stop shot animation, u will be in buggy mode - maybe you will receive better.
And as it seems the often you press shs, just a button, during rallies no matter when and after what, the better you will play

Added (2014-04-10, 8:14 PM)
We are investigated that maybe there is a possibility of easy way in using our previous cheat with many-pressed keys. Try to use StickyKeys of Windows.

Using StickyKeys (
Applies to Windows XP
StickyKeys is designed for people who have difficulty holding down two or more keys at a time. When a shortcut requires a key combination such as Ctrl+P, StickyKeys allows you to press one key at a time instead of pressing them simultaneously.

To turn on StickyKeys using your mouse:
Click the Start button, and then click Control Panel.
In Control Panel, make sure you are in Classic View, with all Control Panel icons showing. If not, click Switch to Classic View in the left pane of Control Panel.
Click Accessibility Options to open the Accessibility Options dialog box. Click the Keyboard tab, and then select the Use StickyKeys check box.
Click Settings to open the Settings for StickyKeys dialog box. Select the options you want by selecting or clearing the check boxes. Click OK, click OK again, and then click the Close button in Control Panel.

Turn StickyKeys on by selecting option in check box or pressing the Shift key five times.
Don`t turn StickyKeys off if two keys are pressed at once (clear check box if needed).

Added (2014-08-06, 8:12 PM)
Possible legal cheat:
Try to use fast NKRO PS/2 keyboard with 8x turbo repeat pressing mode such as:

Added (2014-08-06, 8:42 PM)
Second is better because of PS/2 mode

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